Edale Skyline

3rd September 2023
Duration: 7 Hour 22 Min
Distance: 30KM
Elevation: 1000m

The Edale Skyline is a challenging circular walking route in the Peak District National Park, renowned for its stunning views and rugged terrain.

It includes several peaks such as Kinder Scout, Mam Tor, and Lose Hill, offering hikers a panoramic experience of the breathtaking landscapes of the Peak District.

Nestled in the heart of the Peak District lies the Edale Skyline, a challenge beckoning adventurers far and wide. Recently, I embarked on this epic journey, starting our trek from the charming village of Hope. With anticipation buzzing in the air, we set off towards our first conquest – Loose Hill.

The ascent was a steady climb, offering glimpses of the surrounding landscape that promised greater views ahead. At the summit of Loose Hill, we paused to catch our breath and admire the panoramic view stretching out before us.

Continuing along the Back Tor Ridge, the trail unveiled stunning views of Edale village to our right, a constant companion as we made our way towards Mam Tor. From its peak, the landscape unfolded like a painting, each ridge and valley adding to the natural beauty of the scene.

Our journey took us next to Lord’s Seat (Rushup Edge), where the rolling hills seemed to go on forever. As we traversed the rugged terrain of Kinder Scout, the challenge grew, but so did our determination to conquer each summit.

Amidst the breathtaking scenery, there were moments of laughter and camaraderie, particularly when it came to my mate Chris and his unconventional lunch choice – crispy chicken balls! His insistence on bringing along this unlikely hiking snack became a running joke throughout our adventure.

As we descended towards Knoll Farm and made our way back into Hope, the landscape transformed once again, the rugged peaks giving way to gentle meadows and grazing sheep. It was a journey filled with challenges, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

Reflecting on our adventure, I’m reminded of the beauty and resilience of the Peak District, a place where every step reveals a new discovery and every summit offers a glimpse of the world below. Hiking the Edale Skyline was more than just a physical feat – it was an experience that brought us closer to nature and to each other, leaving us with memories to cherish for years to come.

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Key Locations

1. Village of Hope

A perfect place to start with plenty of free parking along the road side.

Edale Rd, Hope, Hope Valley S33 6ZF

2. Mam Tor Gates

The famous view that you see all over social media! You’ll definitely want a selfie here!

Top Tips

1. Pack plenty of water

This is a long walk in the middle of nowhere! No shops, no rest rooms, nothing! 

2. Good Footwear

Make sure that your footwear is comfortable and appropriate for rocky terrain. Also waterproof as part of the trail walks through a shallow stream.

3. Pack warm clothing

The weather can change really quickly up in the hills! One moment it can be blue skies and sunshine, the next it’s hailing down!

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