Matlock Bath

11th May 2024
Duration: 1 Hour 42 Min
Distance: 7KM
Elevation: 321m

Matlock Bath is a picturesque village nestled in the Derbyshire Dales, known for its stunning river gorge, quaint streets, and historic connections to the spa town era.

Exploring the picturesque landscapes of Matlock Bath proved to be an exhilarating journey that left us breathless and in awe.

We parked up at around 9AM in Station Yard Car Park. I paid £6 for the whole day, bargain! We began with a vigorous ascent up High Tor, where every step seemed to bring us closer to the sky itself. From its summit, we traced the undulating ridge, reveling in the panoramic views that unfolded before us.

Then we encountered Giddy Edge, a narrow, winding path that hugs the cliff’s edge. With the imposing rock face at our backs, we carefully navigated the route, clutching onto the handrail for support as we made our way forward. We proceeded to descend down the opposite side of High Tor, listening to the soft murmur of the River Derwent below.

Eager for more adventure, we crossed the river, setting our sights on yet another peak – The Heights of Abraham. As we ascended, each stride filled us with a sense of anticipation, wondering what wonders awaited us at the top. The expansive views from this spot were truly awe-inspiring, showcasing nature’s magnificent craftsmanship.

Our exploration continued as we wandered along the fringes of Gulliver’s Kingdom, admiring the enchanting allure of the environment. The irresistible charm of Matlock Bath called us back, prompting our descent from the lofty heights, ready to immerse ourselves in its vibrant atmosphere.

But no adventure is complete without indulging in some culinary delights, and what better way to refuel than with a classic serving of Fish & Chips? As we savored each crispy bite, our taste buds danced in delight, a perfect ending to a day filled with unforgettable views and cherished memories. Matlock Bath, with its natural wonders, had indeed stolen our hearts, leaving us eagerly anticipating our next adventure!

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Key Locations

1. Car Park

Station Yard Car Park

N Parade, Matlock Bath, Matlock DE4 3NS

2. Matlock Bath Fish Bar

That mini fish and chips was just £6.50, Bargain if you ask me!

3. Giddy Edge

Locating the entrance was a bit challenging due to some overgrowth. The area has a one-way system enforced because of its narrow passages. Below are the What3Words coordinates for the entrance.

Top Tips

1. Get there early!

By midday, the car parks were already packed, so it’s essential to arrive early to maximise your day! We got there at 9 am and had virtually unrestricted options for parking.

Be mindful that parking along the A6 in Matlock Bath is restricted to just one hour, so proceed with caution!

2. Hights of Abraham

It’s tempting to hop onto the cable cars for a quick ascent to the summit, but if you’re able, opt for the walk instead! You won’t want to overlook the breathtaking views on the way up.

3. Fish & Chips

For just £6.50 this mini fish and chips was exactly what I needed as I sat outdoors, soaking in the ambiance of Matlock Bath’s renowned biker hangout.

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